Over 20 Years of
Delicious Creations & Happy Eating!

Over 20 Years of
Delicious Creations & Happy Eating!

Take and Bake Appetizers

At The Magic Spoon we love to get creative. Just ask and we can create new appetizer just for you!

The Magic Spoon now offers our most requested appetizers to easily take and bake at home! They come frozen with heating instructions and include coordinating sauces. These scrumptious snacks make throwing a party easy and are perfect for football, Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Years Eve, and other celebrations! They make the perfect dish to bring with you to office parties or get togethers as a snack to share! There is a minimum of 5 days advanced ordering for take and bake appetizers so be sure to order early!



Roast Beef Wellington's with Horseradish Sauce


Most Popular Appetizers

Pricing per dozen. 
2.5 dozen minimum
(coordinating sauce $3.50 per 10oz container)

* Roast beef Wellington  $17.00

* Chicken cordon bleu in puff pastries $15.00

* Buffalo chicken croquettes $15.00

* Mozzarella stuffed risotto balls  $12.75

* Flakey mushroom and cheese pinwheels $12.75

* Assorted mini cheese tarts $14.50

* Coconut chicken $15.00

* Coconut shrimp $20.00

* Chicken empanadas $15.00



Mozzarella Stuffed Risotto Balls  Served with Red Pepper Sauce



Most Popular Meatballs
Pricing by the pound. 5lbs minimum (coordinating sauce included)

$7.75 per pound

* Chicken with spinach and feta

* Traditional Italian

* Swedish

* Buffalo Chicken

* Asian Pork


Chicken with spinach and Feta Meatballs with Lemon Dill Sauce

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